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Addiction centers that focus on alcohol rehab assist people in breaking their mental and physical dependence on alcohol. This typically involves an initial medical detox, which is followed by an intensive inpatient or outpatient program.

Alcohol rehab is highly effective in cases where the addict is ready to make serious lifestyle changes. Additionally, alcohol rehab can help families of alcoholics learn to support their addicted loved one in a healthy way.

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What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that typically develops by age 30, although some people do experience late on-set alcoholism after the age of 60. Alcoholics cannot stop or control their drinking, despite negative consequences to their health or life. It is possible for a person to abuse alcohol and not be an alcoholic.

For thousands of years, alcohol has been part of the social structure of many civilizations around the globe. It is widely accepted, even today. Alcoholism has likely existed as long as alcohol has been consumed, however it was not declared a disease until 1956 by the American Medical Association. Since this time, advances in treating and understanding the condition have developed. Today, medications and treatment protocols have been developed specifically for this condition.

A person can abuse alcohol but not be addicted to alcohol. However abuse can lead to addiction over time, as the brain becomes dependent on the chemical change produced by drinking to excess. There are differences in how abuse and addiction affect the body and brain such as:

  • Abuse – Binge drinking, blackouts, ability to stop using alcohol, no withdrawal symptoms when drinking ceases, potential negative consequences related to drinking
  • Addiction – Binge drinking, blackouts, drinking despite negative consequences, physical dependency, psychological dependency, cannot stop or control drinking

Signs and symptoms of alcoholism include:

  • Craving – Alcoholics have a constant craving to drink that is only sated with alcohol.
  • Loss of control – Alcoholics cannot control how much they drink, when they drink or how long their drinking binges last.
  • Physical dependence – Alcoholics suffer physical withdrawal symptoms when not drinking (e.g. shaking and headaches).
  • Tolerance – Over time, more alcohol is needed as the body develops a tolerance to the substance.

Alcoholism Treatment


Alcohol intervention is often necessary when a loved one suffers from alcoholism. Denial is a very common characteristic among people who are addicted to alcohol. An intervention can be conducted in a confrontational or non-confrontational manner, with or without the assistance of a professional.

When an alcoholic is confronted with the realities of addiction, it is common for anger to occur. The addict may verbally lash out or attempt to leave the intervention. Family and loved ones may also become upset or irrational, as past and present issues and concerns are voiced. An intervention specialist can help control this type of situation and ensure the best possible outcome.


The detox process for alcoholism should always occur in a medical detox center. Not only does it ensure the patient’s comfort and safety, but it also increases the chances of a successful long-term recovery. Alcohol detoxification often requires the use of medications to prevent serious side effects that can lead to life-threatening conditions such as delirium tremens, psychosis and severe dehydration.

Treatment Options

  • Programs – 12 step programs, non-faith based 12 step programs, inpatient and outpatient programs
  • Therapy – Group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy
  • Antabuse (disulfiram) – A medication that causes side effects when drinking that are unpleasant, reduces the desire to drink

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