Stimulant Drugs Bay Shore, NY

    Stimulants are drugs that stimulate the central nervous system and increase your brain activity. These medications enhance your interest, activity, and attention. Stimulant medications include cocaine, caffeine, nicoti
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Addiction to Percocet and OxyContin Bay Shore, NY

Painkillers produce a sensation of well being and relieve the pain. Pain relievers include a wide list of drugs, but the ones taken in excess are opiate painkillers. When used as prescribed these drugs ensure a relief from pain and other similar symptoms. Yet, if taken for a long period of time ... Read More →

Heroin Drug Treatment in Bay Shore

Heroin drug treatment in Bay Shore has become a necessary service due to the growing number of addicts in the area. Skyrocketing heroin use may be an indicator that residents in Bay Shore are not seeking or receiving the treatment that they need to halt the compulsive use of this drug.  Without treatment, those already in addiction will continue t
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Dealing With Addiction of a Family Member Bay Shore, NY

There are few things that are more painful than watching someone you love suffer through a drug addiction. Oftentimes, families are unequipped to deal with the hardship of relating to and supporting their addicted loved one. Because of this, there is often a great deal of shame, guilt, and anger surrounding the addict and their substance abuse, eve
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