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Drug treatment is the most effective way to address and overcome an addiction. Programs at a drug treatment center may involve medical detox, intensive inpatient care, or outpatient care. Currently, addiction is not a curable condition, but it is treatable with many types of programs.

Drug treatment centers provide a safe, sterile environment for addicts to focus on their recovery and get medical care. For more information on drug treatment options, contact Alcohol Treatment Centers Bay Shore at (631) 729-7145.

What is Addiction? What is Rehab?

Addiction to drugs or alcohol occurs when a physical and psychological dependence forms. A person who suffers from drug addiction is not able to control his drug use. When a person is an addict, the drug is in control.

When a person uses drugs, a chemical reaction occurs in the brain. Different substances cause different reactions, however the reward center of the brain normally releases “feel good” hormones in response to drug use. This creates a reward system that is activated each time a drug is used. Over time and with repeated use, the brain becomes dependent on the drug for the normal release of hormones such as dopamine.

There are many types of drug addictions, such as:

  • Stimulants – Methamphetamine, Adderall, and cocaine
  • Opiates – Morphine, heroin, and OxyContin
  • Depressants – Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium

While scientists do not yet fully understand the causes of addiction, studies suggest that some people are more susceptible to addiction than others. This can be caused by genetics, life experiences such as abuse or domestic violence, upbringing and mental health issues.

Addiction rehab centers focus on breaking the mental and physical dependence an addict experiences. This can include medical detox, residential or outpatient treatment. Many different types of therapies are utilized to address not only addiction, but relapse, mental health issues, familial issues and vocational problems.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

There are some common signs and symptoms that family members or the addict can use to identify a dependency on drugs or alcohol including:

  • Withdrawal from family, friends, school and social activities
  • Taking drugs to control or stop physical withdrawal symptoms
  • Negative legal, financial or social issues related to drug use
  • A tolerance to the drug has developed; it takes more to get the same high or feel normal
  • Life revolves around doing, getting and paying for drugs
  • Risky behavior when high or relating to the substance
  • Not able to stop using, even if quitting is desired
  • Experiencing black outs, depression, severe mood swings and paranoid thoughts

Seeking Drug Treatment

There are multiple reasons a person benefits from seeking treatment. This includes reducing the risk of health complications, overdose, prison and death. Additionally, the addict can improve relationships, rebuild self-esteem, work on judgement and learn positive forms of coping with life challenges. Treatment also offers a more comfortable and safe form of detox.

  • Inpatient – This type of facility is the best choice for medical detox, as the patient has access to help 24/7 and is monitored by nursing staff. A therapist sees the patient daily to provide support. The average stay is 5 to 7 days. Typically, this is followed by residential treatment which can last from 14 days to one month or longer when necessary.
  • Outpatient – During outpatient treatment, the patient remains at home and attends treatment during the day. For some people, this is not a realistic form of care. Always discuss this option with a professional to determine if it is in the addict’s best interest.

People avoid drug and alcohol treatment for a variety of reasons which are often based on misconception and falsehood.. For instance, some people avoid treatment because they assume it is too expensive or believe that they are incapable of change. People also avoid seeking treatment because they fear going through the withdrawal process or don’t know where to go for help.

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Bay Shore today at (631) 729-7145.

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